Kids Swimming Goggles

1. 2 in 1 Functions - ZIONOR K5 swim goggles is really cool for kids that it also can be used as sunglasses. It is a good choice when they are playing at the beach, pool, shopping, playground, etc. It is suitable for both boys and girls age 3-12. Please remove the sunglasses lenses before swimming in the water Fashionable & Funny - With a detachable structure, children can combine them into swimming goggles or sunglasses by themselves to exercise their hands and brain skills. Colorful style, better looking, let the kids swim more happy. Please watch the video for installation steps Comfortable & Waterproof - With the 3D stereoscopic double seal frame design and adjustable dilated strap, the goggles fit the face well with a less restricting feel around the eye sockets, prevent leakage and protect eyes from water and chlorine. Very comfortable to wear UV Protection & Anti-fog - It is more safe for kids, because the polarized lens of the sunglasses protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays and glare. The HD lens of the swimming goggles feature an anti-fog coating treatment, can see clearly without any distortion

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