The pointers on how to find the right goggle for you


What type of lens should my swimming goggles have?

All goggles are built to work in indoor pools, though if you’re thinking of venturing outdoors to get that swimming fix, the choice of goggle lens used can make them better suited when you’re out of the chlorinated water. A goggle with polarised or tinted lenses are options to look to for open water swimming to reduce glare, while something with a clear lens that makes use of natural light works better indoors. 

Do I need anti-fog swimming goggles?

Aside from getting a comfortable fit, the lenses on your goggles fogging is up there with one of the most irritating problems you can encounter. There are some hacks to stop it from happening but it’s worth picking up goggles with anti-fog features that can do the job for you. This will also be a sure sign you have something that’s built to keep your view clear for longer than goggles that don’t pack anti-fog skills.

What should I look for in an open water swimming goggle?

Look for something with a wider lens that will give you a greater field of vision, letting you see more ahead of you. That’s desirable when you’re swimming in more unpredictable terrain or with others. A goggle with UV protection lenses will guard you against the sun and anti-fog protection on the lens is welcomed here too. Having something that doubles up on straps can give you that added comfort that they can stay put, even when you crash into a wave.

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