Professional manufacturers of swimming diving and skiing

Shenzhen Pengyifa Precision Mould Co., Ltd established in 1999, have 40,000 square meters of self-built factory. We are a high-tech enterprise with 20 years experience of research, development, production and sales in the swimming goggles, diving mask and ski goggles. We have more than 30 pieces patented technology products, create WHALE, BENICE, OMID three brands, and serve the world's first-line sports brands.

Shenzhen Pengyifa Precision Mould Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Pengyifa Precision Mould Co., Ltd. founded in 1999, is a state-level high-tech enterprise integrating the research, development, manufacturing and sales of top-quality sports products. The products covers ski goggles, swimming goggles,swimming caps, scuba diving mask, snorkel tube,cycling and so on,with present 3 brands,"OMID", "BE NICE" and "WHALES".

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